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PostSubject: Avatar: New Beginnins   Avatar: New Beginnins EmptyFri Sep 23, 2011 10:56 pm


HURRY!!! We need Admin, mods, and high ranking characters!

Avatar New Beginning's Plot

Book One

The Start of it All

A drought spreads through the fire nation. It threatens to starve the whole nation. Crops whither and die, and livestock perish from the lack of grasses and food. The land was already pretty dry, for it was the dry season, but the drought made things worse. The fire nation, grows desperate. They need to feed their nation. With their hot heads and small hope they set out to find any clues as to how to stop it.

Soon news reaches the fire nation. An Air bender ship has been seen all over the nation. Everywhere it goes rain clouds disappear and soon the drought follows. The fire nation sets forth for the nearest Air temple. They confront the nomads. The nomads try to reason with them but the fire nation tells them if they can't find the culprits that the fire nation will destroy all the Air temples and all the nomads.

Desperate the Air Council sends as many air benders as they can to find the real culprits. Finally after weeks of searching they get a clue. One of the western air temples' airships was stolen. By a band of Earth mercenaries. The Air benders confront the Earth Kingdom. Things get out of control and the Earth King makes the first attack. The fire nation then start war with the Earth Nation. The Airbenders, even though attacked stay out of it. They just try to defend their homes. After the attack many have given up trying to reason with the other nations.

The Earth Kingdom is the biggest nation and continent. They hold their own against the water and fire nations. The war could go both ways. The Hēishǒu, the black hand has done well. They are the real culprits of this war. Their leaders want to take control of the whole world. Their leader has a plan to become the new Avatar. How can the leader do this? Is it possible? The leader is more than sure she can do it. It is up to the Avatar and the other nations to find out what is going on and how to stop the black hand.

The Avatar is missing though. There are rumors that he is trapped in the spirit world after he meditated. With his body still here nobody can become the Avatar. Who will find him? It's up to you!

What do we have?

  • A cunning and exciting plot
  • Friendly staff and members. We do NOT tolerate our staff acting like trolls.
  • A new and unique organization
  • Create your own customs as well as techniques
  • All nations are open
  • Site events at least every month
  • Wars and Invasions
  • Powerful Positions
  • Active members ready to roleplay with YOU!
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PostSubject: Re: Avatar: New Beginnins   Avatar: New Beginnins EmptyFri Sep 23, 2011 10:57 pm

Our links won't work for some reason...
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PostSubject: Re: Avatar: New Beginnins   Avatar: New Beginnins EmptySat Sep 24, 2011 12:25 am

Guests can no longer post links, read the announcement in the advertisement section.
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PostSubject: Re: Avatar: New Beginnins   Avatar: New Beginnins Empty

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