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 Bamboo Blade; New Legends

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PostSubject: Bamboo Blade; New Legends   Fri Mar 30, 2012 4:48 pm


Once upon a time there was a pathetic, penniless teacher and Kendo instructor named Toraji Ishida, although he was more commonly referred to as Kojiro. He put no effort into anything he did, until an opportunity like no other came along; a years' worth of free, high quality sushi. The only catch? He would have to beat his former upperclassman's female Kendo team in a practice match. Driving by a need for food, Kojiro set out to assemble five warriors, which started to turn the gears of fate once more.
New Legends is the only forum that is solely dedicated to role playing the Bamboo Blade universe. It has friendly staff and offers a unique, one of a kind experience, with no overarching plot, but rather multiple events that are never the same at the different schools. You can create your own characters, or play as one of the cannons! Join us now, and enter the world through the eyes of a Kendoka.
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Bamboo Blade; New Legends
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