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 The Great Shinobi War

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PostSubject: The Great Shinobi War   The Great Shinobi War EmptyTue Jul 24, 2012 7:44 am

Naruto: The War between Fire & Wind

The Great Shinobi War Pbucket

This forum is based before the events which lead up to the Second Great War but follow a slightly alternative reality than the manga and anime while also showing a few similarities. In a bid to expand their wealth and territory both the Kazekage and Hokage have issued a campaign to expand their influence into the neighboring River Country which is known to be rich in natural resources and popular amongst foreign trading vessels. Because of conflicting interests small skirmishes have broken out in order to gain control over key locations which has inevitably raised the already fragile tension. War has been avoided for the time being however with the rise of conflict, and the introduction of a third party, the time for blood is soon approaching.

.Military Occupations instead of the usual 'Ramen Shop Owner' and 'Inventor' occupations, TGSW prides itself in the creation of relevant roles which both earn your character weekly income AND categorizes your character for future important missions. These roles range from Defensive Occupations such as Perimeter Guards, Sentry Units and Military Police to Special Occupations such as ANBU, Medical Staff and Interrogation Squads. There are 4 categories of Occupation each with its own subdivision and hierarchy.

.Interactive World Map a somewhat unique feature on TGSW which involves an interactive World Map capable of showing members real time information. By hovering over icons on the map you are able to see a pop up description of the location and who the territory belongs to. This map will also display important missions, skirmishes and episodes (large scale roleplays). The World Map also works on a territory system which highlights different locations as per the controlling organization which grants various amount of resources per week.

.Interactive Battle Maps another map feature on TGSW these maps vary per location and contain various terrain scenarios. These battle maps are updated by members once they have finished their posts so the opponents are able to have a visual aid when it comes to ranges and terrain effects.

.d20 a system which loosely uses d20 to account for reaction and accuracy which determine the success of your evasions and attacks. d20 is also used for other things on the site such as deception, perception, traps, medical success etc

.Class Skill Trees most classes in TGSW are sub divided into various trees which represent different aspects of the ability such as Medical Ninjutsu. There is the positive energy such as healing, mending and repair as well as negative energy such as internal bleeding, internal damage and poisons. To date there are 11 available classes, each with 10+ skills.

.War of the Minds a unique feature in TGSW which involves a genjutsu battle between two genjutsu users.

.Weapon and Jutsu Effects 2 large charts showing numerous effects which can be used for the creation of weapon and jutsu. These effects range from Area of Effect, Binding, Line of Effect, Explosion, Cutting, Piercing, Impact, After shock.....the list goes on and the possibilities of creation are almost endless.

.Dynamic Missions There are two types of missions in TGSW. Solo missions created by the member which are generally low risk such as D and C ranked. Then there are manager created missions! A mission is posted on both Village boards with separate objectives. A leaf ninja could be assigned to escort a person of importance to a certain location whilst the sand ninja could be assigned to capture the same person. These two ninja will battle it out and the winner determines who succeeds and who fails.

.Village Economy More on this soon

Please note that this site is not yet complete and is currently going through testing stages to ensure the system contains minimal loopholes however new members are always welcome.
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The Great Shinobi War
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