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 Cerulean Sins~An Anita Blake RPG

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PostSubject: Cerulean Sins~An Anita Blake RPG   Cerulean Sins~An Anita Blake RPG EmptyMon Aug 13, 2012 11:57 am

[align=center]Cerulean Sins~An Anita Blake RPG 13zcoyq

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The former Lion King, or Rex, has finally fallen from power at the hands of his successor and the Master of the City is left with peace to reign on the city of Miami, or so he thinks..so they all think..

Peace never lasts, danger will always be there lurking around every darkened corner. A new evil has come to Miami and is ready to sink its fangs into those who think themselves safe. It seems the Clans are attacking each other, lycan on lycan crime is being reported from all corners of the city. Skinned bodies are being found in the swamps and slowly that newfound sense of security is being whittled away…

So how will the newly formed Clans fare when presented with attacks on their kind? What will they do when one of their own is attacked by other Clans? Will the Police Force step up and try and save the monsters from themselves?

[align=center]This is Modern Day Miami.. [/align]

But do not let the sunshine, the beaches, the bikinis fool you..even the sunniest of places can hide the darkest of secrets..

Imagine a world where vampires can vote, can own businesses, can walk among humans and actually be accepted as citizens. This is the world we live in. Lycanthropes walk among us, vampires woo us, witches cast spells and mermaids are not a thing of legend. Your greatest fantasy or your worst nightmare has the ability to come true. It all sounds so enticing, but not everyone would agree. Some think them monsters and perhaps they are right. Vampires don’t glitter and they feed on blood, usually human blood. They can trick your mind and make you slaves. Lycanthropes of all flavors are dangerous animals that can kill you or worse, leave you alive to be just like them. Mixed into all this are the humans, but is anyone really just human anymore? With witches, gifted humans of all kinds and monster lovers walking around whom really can you trust? And then there are the monsters that play human..

The way you perceive this world relies only on how far your imagination is willing to stretch..what depths its willing to go and how far will you let this fantasy take you?

• Hosted Site
• Mature site 18+
• Active Staff and leaders!
• Open for over One Year!
• No Canons, Originals Only Please!
• You don’t have to know the Series to join!
• Intermediate to Advanced Literate Anita Blake Based world
• We’re a friendly site open to all sorts of ideas and imaginations!
• Room for character development and tons of plotting to be had!

Vampires (that don’t glitter)
Lycanthropes: Wolves||Leopards|| Tigers||Bears||Jaguars||Foxes||Lions||Hyenas||Rats
Shifters : Swans||Mermaids||Phoenixes (Original Species)
Humans: Many different Options available!
Always open to suggestions!

Open Leader Positions
All Leader positions can be challenged for!

[url=https://youtu.be/lgzwATNcuMc ]CS Trailer[/url]

Cerulean Sins~An Anita Blake RPG L3_s3_v3
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Cerulean Sins~An Anita Blake RPG
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