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 naruto Valor over Liberty

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PostSubject: naruto Valor over Liberty   naruto Valor over Liberty EmptyMon Oct 08, 2012 5:50 pm

naruto Valor over Liberty Pho111
Naruto Valor over Liberty

Many bare burdens while others cling to destinies. Life is full of revenge which is why we hold grudges. Have we not learned yet have we been so blind as to see that we won't get freedom unless we have courage. Are we that arrogant? Are we that ignorant? Are we that stupid?

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The beginning and the end are neck and neck in the race of one's life. Although a war hasn't occured in thousands of years, everyone knows that one is bound to happen at any given moment. So, while we all smile and act as if everything is right in the world, our fingers are crossed behind our backs as we train like crazy, preparing ourselves for the supposedly inevitable. Fighting enemies that aren't even real. However, while we're all too busy fighting each other mentally and creating treaties that are bound to be broken, an organization is forming underneath our very noses. And yet, we know nothing of it- its intentions, its purpose for being made; nothing. All any of us can do now is wait. But what will waiting accomplish? Will we end up waiting for years on end, letting old age kill us instead of us killing each other? Only time will tell.

Site Features

  • Completely Custom Site
  • Canon Jutsu's Allowed
  • Every single element available
  • Intense Villages
  • New Organization that beats the Akatsuki
  • Custom Bijuu
  • The Best Staff
  • Endless Fun
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Chūnin of Konohagakure
Chūnin of Konohagakure

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PostSubject: Re: naruto Valor over Liberty   naruto Valor over Liberty EmptyMon Oct 08, 2012 6:34 pm

Well, please allow me to express myself about your advertisement and site here...

For starters, you have music encoded into the site with no apparent way to shut it off, why did anyone think this was a good idea? Does everybody you know just really like having music drone in their ears when they have no say over what it is? Cause' most people don't, they hate the shit out of it. Toggle it or toss it.

But its not all bad, the site looks very nice, the skin is well put together and the pictures used for board images and the like are also smooth and well-fitting. Button and color choices mesh very well and dull group colors help to pull the whole forum appearance together. So your site looks good, very good in fact. I applaud your design choices. Thats the only good thing I have to say about it though.

Secondly, your intro speech thing? Doesn't make sense, its a bunch of vague statements, rhetorical questions, bad tropes, and a plot suggestion that is just so overdone it makes me vomit. Should we expect that the whole site looks to be written by 13yr olds or just this advertisement?

And you want affiliation? Don't even bother with advertising, no you want to be affiliated despite the affiliation rules being easy enough to find and read. You have a whopping FOUR members in your 24hr activity...how does it benefit us to be related to you exactly? Are your four members going to come over here and be active participating members in our community? If so well you go right ahead and prove that first. That would VASTLY improve the relationship that doesn't exist bettween sites.

Maybe I'm too hard on you though, lets see what features you're offering...

Completely custom site
So...you made it yourselves and didn't just copy/paste another forums coding?...The storyline and characters are custom maybe?...No thats not right, because that would be called 'non-canon' or 'alternate universe' so the phrasing is awful...what does this mean exactly? Oh but lets be more fair about this and assume I do understand...

So your rules say there isn't any canon material allowed, period, besides jutsu and so does your advertisement. Yet on your site, right below the rule saying no canon stuff? A listing of the canon character clan limits like Uchiha...wow...completely custom indeed. Slow claps all around.

Canon jutsu allowed
Woah. Just. Woah. Holy shit guys, we can have canon jutsu over there? No way! Its as if its based in the Naruto universe and thus includes the things that make up the Naruto universe! Holy. Shit.

Every single element available
As opposed to what? Everyone gets Katon? Can you please tell me where this site exists where everybody just gets Katon so I can better understand this bizzaro world?

Intense villages
So is the village like a Film de Noire self contained universe or did you just pick a very bad word to describe a village? But lets assume I do understand, how does one quantify intense? How do I know what an intense village is and a non-intense one is? And more importantly, what makes your villages so much more 90s lingo than anyone elses?

New organization that beats the Akatsuki
No...you're not 13, even a 13 year old can tell when they're just trying to out-cool cool for no reason besides pretending to be more intelligent or creative than they actually are. You are clearly a 12 year old. Trust me, boobs? They feel awesome. Not so awesome? This. It MEANS NOTHING. They beat the Akatsuki? How? By what merit? Why? More importantly, if its a 'completely custom site' why do the Akatsuki matter at all?

Custom bijuu
I'm not even gonna' get into this...cool story bro.

The best staff

Endless fun

Now please STRONGLY reconsider making YET ANOTHER Naruto site with NO ORIGINAL PURPOSE FOR EXISTENCE.
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naruto Valor over Liberty
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