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 Fairy Tail: Delirium [Advertisement & Affiliate Request]

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Fairy Tail: Delirium [Advertisement & Affiliate Request] Empty
PostSubject: Fairy Tail: Delirium [Advertisement & Affiliate Request]   Fairy Tail: Delirium [Advertisement & Affiliate Request] EmptyTue Dec 18, 2012 1:11 am

Hello wanderers. Welcome to the World of Delirium, a semi-canon AU site devoted to Fairy Tail.

War and chaos is afoot and there is no time to waste. Itís the year x391, about 400 some years before canon begins. Within our realm dwells fresh magic, ripe for the taking! Dragons roam all over Earthland and have no trouble with the humans. Well, that is, some of them donít. They are at peace, have been for over 200 years; however, both humans and dragons are predatory creatures, ruled by their survival instincts. It will not last, not when fear and distrust is beginning to crawl on every inch of their skin.

  • Custom Guilds!
    • There are 7 guilds to choose from - ranging from light to neutral to dark. Fairy Tail and Melodic Sirens. Sable Pantera. Obscura Fabula, Tartaros, and Millennium Voldgift. Of course, we can't forget about the Magic Council and Rune Knights.
  • No magic restriction! Want one that's been banned a lot on sites? Well, try it here!
    **Please be warned that it will be graded harshly and nerfed to our liking.**
  • Secondary and even Tertiary Magic are available.
  • Site-Wide Missions and Plot Events.

Join us in our grand adventure to find the truth beneath the truth and unravel the threads of fate!

Unfortunately, I cannot put up our button or code for an affiliation since guests are not allowed to post up external links. Please feel free to go to our site:

http : // fairytaildelirium (.) forumotion (.) com /

And post your advertisement there. Please remove the spaces and parenthesis for the site location. If we have been approved for an affiliate, please say so in your post and we will have yours up soon.
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Fairy Tail: Delirium [Advertisement & Affiliate Request]
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