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PostSubject: Avatar RPG   Avatar RPG EmptySun Aug 25, 2013 10:37 pm

Avatar RPG Avatarbanner

Avatar the last airbender has always been a great source of entertainment through out all of our lives, so long ago the brilliant idea of an Avatar RPG site was conjured by Iris. Iris is a man who with the help of his former staff team created a Avatar Role Play site that allows you to create your own character choose your own nation and element all the while adding in so many extra options. You ever want to bloodbend on another Avatar site and it was banned for being too powerful? Well no worries Avatar fans Iris and crew have made a system for almost every technique, style and element in Avatar even including a few advanced elements that were not seen in the show often like lava bending and sand bending. Ever wondered what the advanced elements for Airbending would be? Come to http://avatarp.forumotion.com/ and find out. Our system for character developement and increasing in skill is a flawless system which levels you up through ranks according to your characters skills.Titles are separated by the fact of whether or not you are a bender. Here are a few of the titles and their description:

The bender's Path:

The non-bender's Path:

Iris and a new group of Moderators and Admins are going to bring the wonderful ideas that made up this site back into play. The RP world requires something on this level of fun and simplicity hopefuly this add has peaked your interest and you come and check out more of the site. We would also like to become an affiliate of this site and hope to see some of you many Avatar: The last airbender fans enjoying the vast world of http://avatarp.forumotion.com/
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Avatar RPG
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