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 Shinobi Revolution

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Marik Sw

Shinobi Revolution Empty
PostSubject: Shinobi Revolution   Shinobi Revolution EmptyWed Aug 17, 2011 3:01 pm


HURRY!!! We need higher ranks and Jinchuriki! They are open but you must hurry!

Revolution's Plot

"The world became peaceful. Many have fallen into a peace of prosperity and happiness. Such things are fleeting, no?" said a man in a pitch black cloak. Nothing special on this cloak, not like the ones of the old Akatsuki organization. No, this man, he was different. He was a sly fox, a man who wanted nothing but destruction on the happiness of others. He created a group of people. Background didn't matter. Race, age, skill level. Didn't matter at all. What mattered was, if you were loyal and useful to the "Master". The group had no name as it crept over the lesser nations. But after each one fell to the other, it became clear that peace, was truly fleeting. "Boshoku", or Dusk, is what they became known as. They ravished the lands, destroyed almost all the villages, save for Kumogakure and Kirigakure.

Konohagakure, Sunagakure, Iwagakure, all became outposts for Boshoku. The citizens became slaves, the ninja, either turned or slaughtered. And the Kages, killed for the sheer fact of bringing fear into the hearts of the shinobi. Kiri and Kumo survived, how is that possible? One might ask, but because Kiri is in a remote location, surrounded by water, a military nation. Kumo, mountain ranges, coastal fronts, small entrance gap. When the news of Suna arrived in Kumo, the defenses were raised. Everything was dropped. And somehow, they survived the first few onslaughts that is known as Boshoku. And what of the tailed beasts? What happened to them? Boshoku sealed them away in a remote location. Studying them, and hoping to utilize them into a manner of unspeakable horrors.


Large raiding parties by both Kumo and Kiri went on towards Iwa, which was the first village to fall. They believed it was the main base were Boshoku's leaders lived. Kiri came from the sea, while Kumo came from the land while both came from the sky. It was a tactical success. Waves upon waves of battle happened, and many lives on both side were lost. The casualty rate was indeed high, but most superiors didn't care, for they believed that the leader of Boshoku was indeed dead. If he was alive or not, only Boshoku's top 7 members knew. And even then, nobody knew who they were.

Boshoku lost four bijuu hosts during those raids. Kiri secretly moved two back to the village, and so did Kumo. Not trusting each other with this information and just believing they had more power then their 'allies'. Kumo took the two tails and nine tails while Kiri kept their tailed beasts a secret.


It's been 15 years since the raid, and it seems to have been becoming a little more quiet. Many who participated in the battles are wary that things aren't over. While others believe they left them alone, yet it'll take time to heal the wounds that have been caused. Some people are weary of going out to travel the lands, but some still go out and wander.

Many things in both villages have changed. Defensive measures have increased, discipline has increased, and so has tension between the two. Some relations are still good, but very little could survive past the social barriers that is there. But some still ask, what happened out there at Iwa? Most citizens don't know a thing, and only those who were there know what happened. And what will happen to the other villages? Aren't they still under scrutiny from Boshoku? Only time will tell what will happen and what will happen.

What do we have?

  • A cunning and exciting plot
  • Friendly staff and members. We do NOT tolerate our staff acting like trolls.
  • A new and unique organization
  • Bijuu
  • Custom Missions
  • Two open villages, Kumo and Kiri
  • Site events at least every month
  • Wars, invasions, sneaking into villages
  • Make your own customs
  • Possible chunin and jonin exams in the future
  • Active members ready to roleplay with YOU!

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Marik Sw

Shinobi Revolution Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shinobi Revolution   Shinobi Revolution EmptyWed Aug 17, 2011 3:03 pm

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Shinobi Revolution
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