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    Sun Oct 16, 2011 1:54 pm
    Message by Cris - Jigoku-Iri [Entrance to Hell]
    Name:: Jigoku-Iri 「地獄-入り」
    Age:: Unknown
    Location:: Mizu No Kuni. Centered Around:: [Mist Forest][Devil's Coast]
    Quote :
    Through the thick mist the full moonís defiant light penetrates. It casts strange patterns of light upon the misty molecules which aimlessly float around. The tall, tightly clustered, trees hinder much light from reaching the forest floors; instead they cast their own shadows amongst the mixture of Moon light and the natural perpetual darkness of the night. In these conditions not many can safely and successfully navigate through the maze of trees; falling prey to the convoluted design of nature; yet there is something within the forest which is also searching for its prey. It hides amongst the very shadows which inhabit the forest; its jet black eyes piercing through the thick mist; ever waiting.

    But what is this sinister creature? Some have called it a nymph, a monster, the pathway to hell, even the devil itself. Stories of men being lured away deep into the Mist Forest, and never to be heard from again, are common. Although there has yet to be anybody who has claimed to have survived an encounter with this creature, there have been a few witnesses which tell their stories to whoever would listen. Although some details do vary from individual to individual, a consensus (or agreement) on a few of the details have been made. They say that the creature comes in the form of a thin-framed female with such beauty that it can be compared to nothing less than a goddess. Her visage consists of enticing jet-black eyes (the agreed source of their enchantment), and a dainty nose and thin lips. Long, smooth, lustrous, black hair covers the length of their naked bodies, covering them as if a long beautiful gown. They have not been heard to speak, yet they seem to emanate a sorrowful Aria as they wander around.

    The most curious of their features though, is their strange backwards facing feet. This has for many generations been viewed to signify death, the journey to the land of no return. This alone makes such a being hard to be tracked down; their footprints always facing to the opposite direction in which they travel. Their beauty entices the wayward male travelers into following her, a difficult task due to their misleading prints. It is unclear as to what they do with the men they enchant; it is clear though that they donít ever come back, not even a single piece of them; they vanish into nothingness.

    For generations it was believed that the forest itself was Sinister, leading many to place blame on the natural mist that forms due to the Mist Forestís close proximity with the sea. Yet could this Murderous Mistress be the source of all the evils? Many of those individuals who live near the outskirts of the forest believe that these deceitful creatures are the root of all the abnormal happenings within the forest. They have deduced that they only seem to appear during the Full Moon and adamantly refuse to venture into the forest during that time period. They warn travelers of the danger whenever possible, if their warning is not heeded, they quickly consider the person as good as dead.

    Yet the truth to their true residence might not be as easy to discover as many would think. Far from the Mist Forest, at the Devilís Coast, similar sightings have been mentioned. During the Full moon many people have claimed to hear a loud Aria coming from deep within the Sea, footprints leading in and out of the water. Some of those footprints are noticeably bigger than others, hinting at it coming from a male. The stories around the Devilís Coast dictate that many men are lured into the waterís of the Devilí Coast where they are dragged down deep into the Seafloor where they meet their untimely end. Bodies seem to float ashore many kilometers away, too bloated and decayed by the relentless waters to be identifiedÖ

    Whatever they are; whether notorious nymphs, sinister sirens, the gateway to hell, the devil himself, it is agreed that for many men, having the misfortune to let themselves be enchanted by these creatures will definitely lead to their inevitable demise.

    • Mizu no Kuni
    • Year ???
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    Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:33 pm
    Message by Zakarrii - How to level up
    I dont know much about this site, i just joined, im just curious how to earn experiance points and how to level up,
    Thanks a ton ;)
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    Mon Feb 01, 2010 4:43 pm
    Message by Muffin
    Will follow to the ends of the realms♥♥♥
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